1. Ram extrusion - materials PTFE and UHMW-PE

Lining for pipes, armatures, pumps and apparatus engineering, for the transportof aggressive substances (e.g. hydrosuluric acid)

Mechanical Engineering
Piston rings for compressors
supporting rings for hydraulic cylinders
strippers, etc.

Automobile Industry:
Valve stem gaskets for Otto engine and diesel engine
fixtures for valve tappets
spacer bolts and rings
insulators for transoprt suspension for the electrophoretic lacquering of automobile parts
gasket rings in the disk valve of the personal car heating

Electrical Engineering:
Sliced film out of ram extrudates as insulation in high frequency industrial generators
insulators for all parts which must be extremely resistant against disruptive break downs
spacer bolts
support insulators in high-frequency cable plugs
insulators for spectrophotometers and electrometer amplifiers
insulators for video plugs etc.

Parts for magnetic rotary pumps without gaskets
bearing shells for bearing of rotating parts
sliding bearing
sliding rings
spacer rings
seat rings of the ball valves for natural gas lines
parts for laboratory engineering


2. Paste Extrusion - Material PTFE

Air and space industry:
Hoses for aggressive substances
Leading hoses for benzene/kerosene transportation

Medical hoses
Medical inlets
Artificial veins etc.

Mechanical and apparatus engineering:

Lining of pipes for chemical industry
Connecting hoses for laboatory, for example micronutrient analyses
Diaphragm pump
Diaphragm osmosis
Threaded sealing bands
Convolution hoses

Electrical industry:
Coating of round and flat strip cables
Bands for cable coating
Insulating bands highly resistant against disruptive breakdowns
Insulating hoses
Convolution hoses
Foils for accumulator and fuel cells. etc.

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