Ram Extrusion:
button Here WK has developed a system that allows the production of an optimum quality of products, e.g. for PTFE and PTFE compounds
button Permanent control of product quality by peak pressure indication
button Production of big tubes and sliced sheet blocks up to 500 mm outer diameters is possible
button Besides the pneumatic brake also hydraulic brakes for single dies and multiple dies are available.
button Through additional equipment extrusion of rods and tubes of polyimide as well as all other ram extrudable hygroscopic plastic material is possible.
button Input of the formula and automatic adjustment of the extruder parameters.
button Operating by touch screen and recording of the extrusion process parameters
button Horizontal ram extruder especially for the rod production of PE-UHMW

Paste Extrusion:
button We developed a mandrel, that ensures good centricity in connection with an specifically constructed nozzle.
button Speed measuring system for extrudate with laser
button Speed controlling system for extrudate
button Paste extrusion system for wire coating
button Operating by touch screen and recording of the extrusion process parameters.

Transfer Moulding:
WK Transfer press with dynamic plastification for:
button Homogeneous melting
button Highest quality of lining and parts
button High production quality and output
button Minimal waste/scrap
button Reproducable quality
button High economic efficiency/profitability through use of multi dies, especially for small parts
button Supply of systems for small, intermediate, big and biggest number of pieces possible

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