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1980 - Keicher Engineering was founded in 1980 by Dipl. Ing. (FH) Siegfried Keicher in Blaustein/Germany. The business idea is the development, production and sales from hydraulic aggregates and Systems.

1999Keicher Engineering takes over WK Worek Kunststofftechnik GmbH and assumes their program, the pending patents and the employees. By the use of this takeover Keicher Engineering enlarges especially the business segment Ram extrusion, Paste Extruders and transfer molding.

2001A new software concerning stock management is introduced. 

2002Keicher Engineering GmbH changes it´s corporate form into an AG (incorporated company) and started working with quality management. Keicher Engineering becomes approved supplier for hydraulic units for the PG of Siemens AG.

2007A major contract / Retrofit for a power plant in South Africa. Delivery from 6 Units until 2012
2008 -  Qualification for a major contract for hydraulic units line for steam turbine.
2011 -  Development of actuator gas turbine for Siemens. New order for actuators for Siemens power plant in Australia.

2012Qualification in Retrofit power plant orders.

2016 - Delivery from the 400th Hydraulic Skid to Siemens.
           - October  2016 - Reinhold Schlau joins Keicher Engineering AG as a Manager.
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